Call for Papers: Book proposal

Sacred Spaces in Africa: Colonial and Post-Colonial Literatures and Translation

Edited by 
Niyi Akingbe (University of South Africa, Pretoria)
Rosanna Masiola (University for Foreigners, Perugia)
Renato Tomei (University for Foreigners, Perugia)
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We invite contributions featuring the following critical areas:
  1. Sacred Spaces in African Literature
  2. Sacred Spaces in Orature/ Oral literature
  3. Sacred Spaces in Translingual Narration
  4. Sacred Spaces in African languages and translation
  5. African Sacred Spaces in Digitalization and Multimodality
  6. Sacred Spaces in African Women’s Studies and Feminism
  7. Sacred Spaces in African Environmental and Eco-narratives


The volume is aimed to feature the literary sacred spaces encompassing the continent, featuring northern and southern, eastern and western, and central Africa. The spatial theme in its centrality pivots the diachronic shifts in the literary representation and perception of the sacred and cross-cultural clashes. ‘Literature’ and ‘translation’ are here intended as umbrella terms covering descriptive, expository, narrative, and multimodal discourse including interlingual and intersemiotic transpositions.

It addresses themes and topics grounded in a defined spatial perspective against globalisation, countering the effects of material and cultural homogenization, and resisting the current tendency to the domestication and destruction of literary sacred spaces and places of the spirit. It aims to preserve memory against cultural distortion, manipulation, misrepresentation, and censorship.


We invite the submission of abstracts on original and unpublished studies centered on the main topic of the title, and sub-topics

  • (Post)-colonial literature
  • Comparative literature
  • Mystic narrative and poetics
  • Diaspora and slavery studies
  • Travel writing and exploration
  • Eco-literature and wild-life preservation
  • Human geography in literature
  • Film and (multi)media studies (cinematic and stage adaptation)
  • Language, Translation, and Lexicography
  • Imagery, Iconography, and Landscape and Cityscapes (verbal and visual)
  • Women’s Studies

Contributions must be in English, and English translation must be provided for citations in other languages.

Abstract deadline: October 7, 2023

The abstract (200 words), 5-7 keywords, and a short bio of the contributor (100 words) should be sent to the editors:
Niyi Akingbe (University of South Africa, Pretoria):

Rosanna Masiola (University for Foreigners, Perugia):

Renato Tomei (University for Foreigners, Perugia):

Acceptance: November 7, 2023

If the abstract is accepted, the contributor will be required to submit the final text (7k w max) by 30 December 2023.

Paper should be MS word compatible and typeset in Times New Roman 12 point and double spaced and conform with the EAR style Guide (Chicago 7th ed.)
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