Rosanna Masiola
"Light and Darkness: Lakescapes in Western Imagery" in

5th World Lake Conference. Lakes: Mirrors of the Earth

Editing byChiara Biscarini et al.  

This contribution derives from the inter-disciplinary approaches of the human sciences and anthropic literature. The thematic method is inspired by the pioneering works of Barnes and Duncan (1992) and Daniels and Cosgrove (1988), on the description of the territory-landscape, the variability in literary and multimedia representation, and cultural memory (Meusberger et al. 2014). As part of the studies on interdisciplinary thematic (Louwerse and van Peer 2002), the lake and its landscape (lakescape/lakespace) are the product of the nature of the discourse in which they are described, and of the dynamics of their intertextual representation (Masiola 1997)


PublisherUSMA, Science4Press: Perugia
Copyright: © 2014 Umbria Scientific Meeting Association (USMA2007) 
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