Rosanna Masiola

Fashion Literature and Translation

Vanity is Fair?

The book is about fashion narrative, comparative literature and its forms of translations (film adaptations, descriptions). It falls within the macro area of comparative literature and women’s studies, It mainly considers descriptive passages in Western narratives where fashion is a focal theme and (post)-colonial narratives. It conceptualizes fashion as a dynamic system, where conflicting attitudes have emerged, especially on the question of luxury and the stigma on feminine vanity. Controversial aspects of representations of femininity in texts and their contexts are discussed. The corpus selection spans across genres (English, Italian, French and other literatures), in the framework of fashion discourse and comparative literature. The volume highlights fashion as a form of resistance against religious and anti-feminist fustigations, its diffusion across cultures, and the contribution of women, notwithstanding ideological barriers, prohibitions, and proscriptions.


PublisherLexington: Lanham, Boulder, London, New York
Copyright: © Rosanna Masiola 
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