Rosanna Masiola
"Moda in traduzione: Shakespeare e La Bisbetica Domata" in

Gentes. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2020-7

This contribution is part of an interdisciplinary project on fashion, narrative, and translation. The opening section introduces the debate on the question of fashion, misogynism, and gender. Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew analyzed within the framework of cultural issues and linguistic constraints impacting on translatability. The following sections feature clothing items condemned by moralists, and gender-based satire: collars, sleeves, capes. The focus is on the argumentative interaction (haberdasher, tailor, and attendant) triggered by the interpretation of the ‘variants of variants’ in the style of clothing, and the lexico-semantic ambiguities it engenders. The diachronic translations from Romance languages have been selected in crucial debates on translational and linguistic issues (1940, 1960, 1990), evidencing consistent variations. The closing section introduces the correlation between visual and verbal imagery and costume designs in Franco Zeffirelli’s cinematic adaptation (1967).


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