Rosanna Masiola
"Topophilia in Translation: Holy Texts and Sacred Spaces" in

John Bradburne

Mystic, Poet and Martyr (1921-1979)

Editing byRenato Tomei 

This paper is from the First International Conference on John Bradburne, organized by Renato Tomei at the Università per Stranieri, Perugia, 30th March, 2017. The conference was the initial step to the process of the Beatification of John Bradburne, the most prolific poet of the English language (David Crystal). The contribution examines issues related to translatability and the intertexual elements occurring in John Bradburne’s poems, and his perception and representation of Umbria as a sacred Franciscan soil, but also resonant with classical myths and ancient the ancient ‘genii loci’.


PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne
Copyright: © Renato Tomei and contributors 
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