Rosanna Rosini

Letteratura Tradizione e Traduzione

Pinocchio e la sua Fatina

The study is on the translation of colours. It analyzes colour symbolism and metaphors in chromonyms, in  particular that of ‘turchino’ in Collodi’s translations from French fairy tales and his Pinocchio. The data and excerpts are from Fondazione Collodi in Pescia, I could easily access from a family home in Montecatini. The focus is on the variation of colours in Western translations. The analysis extends also to the colour red in Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, and its Italian translations, drawing examples from the thesis of an outstanding graduate student, Marco Gambetti.  The text is an expanded version of former conferences on translating children’s literature (Circolo A. Alberti, Trieste) and on Pinocchio in the U.S. (Italian-American Association, Trieste).


PublisherMario Cozzi Editore
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