Rosanna Masiola Rosini

Money Makes the Words Go Round

L’inglese della comunicazione internazionale e della finanza

Money Makes the Words Go Round is an overview of international communication highlighting the translational issues of specialized lexicon (English-Italian) from the Anglophone press (The Economist, Times, The Financial Times). In the 1980, the spread of English as the international language of finance and economy marked the beginning of the language of globalization, between Europe, Asia, and the United States. The selection of topics and themes (inflation, unemployment, stock market crashes, etc.) and their translations highlight the progressive spread of English as a global language. Each translated text is segmented into units based on the functions and sub-functions of financial discourse. The corpus covering the crucial last two decades of the Twentieth Century has been used in courses of specialized translation, Business English, and international relations also in multi-lingual classes (University of Trieste, University for Foreigners of Perugia).


PublisherGuerra Edizioni, Collana STAR, Perugia
Copyright: © Rosanna Masiola 
Ristampa 2012
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