Rosanna Masiola Rosini
"Marianna Florenzi,‘la belle marquise’: volage en quête de la fidélité absolue" in

Portraits de Traductrices

Editing byJean Delisle, Université d’Ottawa & Presses Artois Université 

This paper is about Marianna, Marquise Florenzi, and her role as a translator and her contribution to the study of German philosophers in Italy (i.e., Leibniz, Schelling). It introduces the historical context and the Italian Risorgimento, and Marianna’s resistance to ideological constraints and her proscription. In fact, Marianna had to flee in England and France, like other exiled patriots. Marianna Florenzi has been unjustly marginalized and her scholarly work has not received adequate recognition.


PublisherPRIX 2003, CATS (Canadian Association of Translators)
Copyright: © Rosanna Masiola 
ISBM 1480-7734, ISSN 1285-9273
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