Rosanna Masiola Rosini

Questioni traduttive

An early pioneering recognition on the multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature of translation studies. The subtitle (missing) is: “Recognitions on the multidisciplinarity of translation” as featured in sections of the survey. The trans-textual approach of James Holmes, the poetics and intersemiotic perspective of François Cheng, the hermeneutics and comparativism of George Steiner, and the historicity of Western translating of Louis Kelly have been the sources of inspiration.

The manuscript was delivered to the publisher in 1984, and published four years later.  It was reprinted in 2016, with no revisions or updating, and the author’s consent. The same year, the publisher had his home and archives ransacked.  

The themes, topics, references, and citations have inspired in many ways, starting from the title, which has been used also in conferences.  


PublisherCampanotto, Udine
Copyright: © Rosanna Masiola 
Reprint 2016
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