Rosanna Masiola Rosini
"Dall’intraducibilità del ‘Centro’ ai modelli culturali della ‘Periferia’" in

Annali dell'Università per stranieri di Perugia - 2

Atti Convegno Cultura e Culture degli Italiani

This study explores models of culture and identity. It provides a tripartite model of cultural identity with reference to freedom of translation. It establishes three main ideal ‘daisy charts’ where petals from the Centre spread out to the Periphery in post-colonial societies The first model represents a multicultural society, where the minority group identity (the petals of the daisy) is preserved but kept separate, and translation is intra-group (i.e. Hebrew and Yiddish translation in Anglophone contexts); the second model features an overlap of petals where all groups are interconnected and integrate and translation is inter-group (i.e., Xhosa into Zulu, in South Africa), and a totalitarian regime where there is no identification and freedom of expression and translation.


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AISLI 18-19 maggio 1995
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