Rosanna Masiola Rosini
"From Egypt to Egypt: Migration of Myths Meaning and Translation" in

Translation and Meaning, vol. 2

EditorBarbara Lewandowska Tomaszczyk and Marcel Thelen 

This paper highlights the problem of ‘validity in interpretation’ and the visual and verbal transmigration of symbols and myths. It considers historical narratives like that of Plutarch’s Life of Antony, and its interpretations. It highlights the hermetic inspiration in Shakespeare’s tragedy, and the influence of Elizabethan occultism (Frances Yates) and Neo-Platonism. It also considers a modern Egyptian translation of Cleopatra’s death, Maşrahʾ Kīlūbatra (Ahmad Shauqi, 1929).


EditoreUniversity of Łódź – Rijkshogeschool, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Maastricht
Pagine169 - 176
Copyright: © Rijkshogeschool, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Maastricht 
Proceedings of the Maastricht-Łódź Duo Colloquium, 20-22 September 1990,
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